Praetium Analytics
Assess & Optimize


Optimize complex investment decisions. Making a new investment or divesting an existing holding, is a multi-faceted endeavor. We help senior executives to make the right decisions. We

  • bundle our assistance to be comprehensive, throughout the whole process, or
  • unbundle and contribute select elements of the deal.

Assess on-going investment case. Boards face increasing pressures from all constituencies to be more accountable for Strategic Planning & Oversight. Yet, the perception is that Board Members have insufficient understanding of investment strategy be it portfolio or corporate. We provide analytical heavy-lifting to assist Boards to come to the right decision.

Intermediate & facilitate investment execution. Whatever investment decision that rolls out of our client work, we can also implement it. 

Outsourcing Corporate Development. The perennial dilemma: what to do in-house, is there enough internal capacity, how to focus internally on 'what matters' ? We provide the flexibility, the resources and the capability to take on projects in order to enhance the effectiveness of our clients.